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Laundry Powder

Low Foam Professional

A concentrated all purpose washing powder with colour safe bleach

  • Hot Wash (60˚C plus)
  • Effective as a treatment for medium soiled tableware

Symphony Washing Powder

A concentrated all purpose washing powder with colour safe bleach

  • Hot / Cold Wash
  • Effective as a pre-soak for removing milldew and yellowing on all colour fabrics

Varikleen SSS

A heavy-duty concentrated all purpose washing powder with colour safe bleach

  • For all industrial applications
  • Hot Wash (60˚C plus)
  • Fantastic stain remover for table linen

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Stain Removal


A concentrated organic chlorine powder for white items only

  • Very effective for blood, red wine and curry stains
  • Can be used as a pre-soak or together with washing powder in main wash

Chop Chop Laundry

A blend of bleach and detergent for white linen only

  • Formulated for the removal of blood, red wine, condiments & caffeine beverages
  • A good stain remover for yellowing, suntan and cosmetic stains


Is an additive which is used for removing greying out of linen

  • Used as a pre-soak or as an additive/alkaline together with washing powder

Wonder Soap

A detergent for cleaning all stubborn marks on garments

  • Apply by cloth, allow one minute contact time and rinse with water or steam gun


A powder rust remover & spotter.

  • Removes greying on linen

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Softners & Detergent

Fabsoft White

A concentrated white fabric softener

  • Use 50ml per 5kg load


An environmentally friendly product to improve the appearance of table linen

Barrier Cream

A viscous cream for hand protection against oils, solvents and harsh chemicals that penetrate the skin

  • Leaves no residue & is suitable for all skin types

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Laundry Bags

Plastic Laundry Bags

Pack Size: 50

  • Size: 600x400mm
  • Size: 550x490mm

Cotton Twill Laundry Bags (Plain)

Pack Size: 1

  • Size: 480x650mm

Cotton Twill Laundry Bags (Embroidered)

Pack Size: 20

  • Size: 480x650mm

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Wash Line

Hurricane Fold Away Wash Line

Easy to assemble and with all the required hardware included the Hurricane wash line is a must have for anyone that does not have a lawn.

  • Drying space approx. 7.7m
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Easy lock system
  • Powder coated
  • Reinforced durable wash line
  • Size: 120 x 18.5 x 73.5cm