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How we started

Ivan Arnold started his Cape Town based company “Inn-Addition” in 2002 after realising the need for a fresh look at the supply of goods to the hospitality industry. His vision is to cover 90% of the daily requirements for running a successful guesthouse and hotel. A further requirement was that his clients should have a choice of products that are on offer and not be dictated to.

Out of this vision sprouted a large selection of products and brands of the highest quality designed to withstand the requirements and rigorous demands for the hospitality industry.

Today, “Inn-Addition” is managed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals and backed up by world class manufacturers, locally as well as internationally.

“ This service will leave you with fewer accounts to pay and errands to run, as deliveries will be made to your door, giving you more free time to manage your business or pamper your guests, saving you time and money.